Our Vision

Traditional agriculture struggles to sustainably meet the needs of the public, and leaves some populations unable to produce food locally. The current food production and distribution infrastructure rely heavily on food produced thousands of kilometres away. Global food security is a growing issue, and traditional agricultural practices need help.

Our Community

Garden City Aquaponics Inc. has been supplying local restaurants and grocery stores in Greater Victoria with fresh organic food since February, 2016. In 2016, we embarked on a journey with a simple mission: to help. To help communities across Canada have access to food that might otherwise be scarce. To help locals fulfill their 100-mile-diet. To help reduce the effects of climate change. To help local economies. To help you.

We raise Red Nile and Black Nile Tilapia, and they give us what we need to grow nutrient-rich, organic vegetables. We are proud to supply Six Mile Pub and 328 Taphouse with our delicious fresh produce.

Our Values – Our Mission – Our Vision

We value professionalism, local communities, healthy living, our environment, sustainability, and good food. These values guide us on our mission, and are key to our quality food production and design services. We are strongly committed to our vision of making the food supply reliable, sustainable, safe, and healthy for us and our environment. To realize this vision, our team is dedicated and inspired to innovate, create, and implement new aquaponic technology. We believe that every community can create an aquaponic “garden” to meet their local food supply needs. Garden City Aquaponics is dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills to further the development of aquaponics technology for the benefit of the people and the planet.

Become Part of the Movement

Garden City Aquaponics Inc. is dedicated to enabling people with more than 800 square feet of free space to join the Smart-Agriculture movement. It is amazing how much food can be produced 365 days a year with aquaponics systems! Whether you are a hobby-farmer, an entrepreneur, or a farmer interested in alternative growing opportunities, Garden City Aquaponics has a solution for you.

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