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Home Aquaponic Systems

Whether you’re interested in growing plants in an urban outdoor space or discretely indoors, getting started can be a daunting task. With many variables like growing space, startup costs, ongoing costs, environmental sustainability, food security, seasonal weather restrictions, and time or commitment restrictions, it’s important to ensure that your growing method reflects your individual vision, values, and budget.

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Home growers everywhere often face an array of challenges when cultivating through traditional or hydroponic growing methods. Urban indoor and outdoor spaces are shrinking, which leaves less space for growing. Rising food prices are causing food insecurity, food deserts, and increased food mileage. Seasonal weather restricts when and where plants can grow, as well as how quickly. Managing water and nutrient levels, sun exposure, and the mess from dirt when cultivating plants indoors isn’t easy. And if that isn’t enough, the start-up and maintenance costs often exceed individual budgets when compared to the amount of plant production and personal labour involved.

Challenges of Growing at Home

Home aquaponic systems can utilize vertical growing methods so you can grow more food in less space. Growing edible plants reduces food costs and food mileage. Cultivating plants under grow lights negates the need to rely on sunlight or seasonal weather conditions. Aquaponics ditches the soil from traditional growing methods and stimulates plant roots with nutrient-rich water that increases growth rates. Fish, plants, and healthy bacteria work together to maintain a balanced ecosystem that is easy and affordable to upkeep. Home aquaponic systems ensure the highest quality plant production and turnover for the lowest amount of personal labour, ongoing costs, and carbon footprint.

A ven diagram comparing Aquaponics, hydroponics, and soil growing

Our home aquaponic systems are custom-designed based on your individual growing space, plant production goals, needs, and budget. Aquaponics eliminates potential risks associated with traditional and hydroponic growing methods. Choosing an aquaponic system means that you are free to focus on your needs and desires as a home grower.

Who is Best Suited for a Home Aquaponic System?

Home aquaponic systems are an ideal choice for avid gardeners, those considering an alternative retirement income, individuals who wish to grow plants discreetly, and families or individuals seeking the independence and food security that comes with growing and consuming healthy plants and fish at home. Garden City Aquaponics’ home aquaponic systems are individually designed for almost every urban growing space. Whether you are cultivating fresh greens and vegetables, decorative plants, or cannabis, we want to work with you to make your ideal aquaponic system a reality.

Design and Build Choices

While we offer a number of design choices and processes, we care about your vision, needs, and budget, and are excited to work alongside you through any individual stage of your aquaponic journey. Before getting started it is helpful to have an idea of how much space you have, your budget for both initial and ongoing costs, and the type(s) of crops you are interested in cultivating.

Consultation: The Smart First Step

No matter the scope of the aquaponic system, a smart first step is always consultation. It helps bring innovative ideas to reality. A consultation is important for everybody involved. It gives us what we need in order to determine the viability of your system, and it gives you a clear idea based on our experience about what to expect. The end result is a report that tells you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision for your gardening future.

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