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Commercial Aquaponic Systems

An entry-level commercial aquaponic system can be as small as 800 square feet, which might still be an ideal size for non-commercial growers. Aquaponic systems can grow more food in less space every day of the year – 800 square feet can produce 20 pounds of herbs a week alongside 100 fish every six weeks. Many quality herbs can sell for up to $20 a pound.

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Challenges of Commercial Growing

There are many challenges and variables when considering commercial farming:

  • the growing space
  • startup costs
  • ongoing costs
  • environmental sustainability
  • food security
  • seasonal weather restrictions
  • market demands
  • time or commitment restrictions
  • pesticides
  • growing medium
  • fertilizers

It’s important to ensure that your growing method reflects the individual vision, values, and budget of your current or future business. It’s also important to choose a growing method that is simple and consistent.

On first glance, soil growing seems the most simple way to farm commercially; however, there is considerable maintenance required to maintain consistent ROI. Environmental factors pose a constant risk to traditional farming methods.

Hydroponics eliminates many risks associated with traditional growing methods by operating in a highly controlled environment; however, the highly controlled environment generates an entirely new list of maintenance, duties, and risks. Small contaminations can spoil an entire crop, and the nutrient water needs to be monitored and discarded constantly in order to maintain consistent output.

Aquaponics may seem daunting, but so are most things unknown. A good way to think about aquaponics is: combine a consistent naturally occurring growing medium that is revered in soil growing with a simpler and more sustainable version of hydroponics. Water isn’t wasted, pesticides and weed killers aren’t needed, and nutrients aren’t added. It’s basically just taking care of fish – with benefits.

Commercial Aquaponic Systems and ROI

So what are the benefits, and are they worth it? As mentioned earlier, a commercial system that can comfortably fit in a yard can produce nearly $20,000 a year by growing herbs alone. If 100 fish are sold at just $10 a fish every six weeks, you can add on an extra $8,600 a year. The Real Canadian SuperStore sells tilapia at $22.00 per kilogram in British Columbia. What if the commercial aquaponic system was three, four, or even ten times bigger than this entry-level system? Garden City Aquaponics Inc. has designed aquaponic systems that can produce over 3.9 million pounds of produce and 550 metric tonnes of fish a year.

Design and Build Choices

We offer a number of design choices and processes, and we care about your vision, needs, and budget. We are excited to work alongside you through any individual stage of your aquaponic journey. Before getting started it is helpful to have an idea of how much space you have, your budget for both initial and ongoing costs, and the type(s) of crops you are interested in cultivating.

Consultation: A Smart First Step

No matter the scope of the aquaponic system, a smart first step is always consultation. It helps bring innovative ideas to reality. A consultation is important for everybody involved. It gives us what we need in order to determine the viability of your system, and it gives you a clear idea based on our experience about what to expect. The end result is a report that tells you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision for your gardening future.

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