Design Build & Consulting


Garden City Aquaponics Inc. can work every step of the way to design and build your ideal aquaponic facility. We are willing to work in a number of ways, but the four phase process listed below ensures a quality final product. Feel free to contact us via the icon on the bottom right of the page, or Contact us with any questions about our design build & consulting services.

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Phase I

Define the needs, project scope, and project feasibility in order to produce:

-3D models

-Spreadsheet calculations

-Operating costs

-Technical summary

Phase II

Hire required engineering services to prepare property for building permits.

Phase III

Purchase and deliver high quality materials in sync with construction.

Ensure smooth assembly by assisting in construction, and performing multiple on-site inspections.

Phase IV

Test all equipment to ensure optimal performance before facility becomes operational.

Train key personnel to perform the jobs required to maintain the aquaponic system.