Welcome to Garden City Aquaponics! We are a specialized urban farm in Greater Victoria, B.C. that grows herbs, greens, and micro greens in a tilapia powered aquaponic system. Along with providing high quality produce and fish to local businesses, we offer design build and consulting services to anybody who is looking to become an aquaponic grower. We have designed innovative and high-tech large scale commercial aquaponic facilities that revolutionize sustainable food production. Want to know more about how we can serve you? Take a look around, or contact us!

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Garden City Aquaponics Inc.


Our services

Design Build and Consulting

Whether it’s for a large or small scale aquaponic system, we work from start to finish to create the best aquaponic facility for your needs.

Aquaponics Research and Development

We develop new ways to achieve the best results. We work with cutting edge technology companies to research innovative growing solutions.

Local Organic Food

We grow a variety of organic greens and herbs along side Red Nile and Black Nile Tilapia for local restaurants and grocery stores in Victoria B.C.

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